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Create a remote team to find skilled people from different places, work better, and be more flexible with schedules.

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Take your company to the next level with Remote Workers

You need help in your business but your budget is tight, your cash flow varies per season, and hiring established pros is expensive. Don’t worry; our services can make an impact right away.

Access Top Global Talent

We connect top global talent for your key projects.

Step 1

Schedule a call with us

Let’s talk about what you need. This includes the tasks to be delegated, skills and personality needed for the role, working hours, and budget

Step 2

Recruitment and evaluation

This step encompasses preparing the job description, posting the job ad, screening applicants, and endorsing the top talent.

Step 3

Client interview and selection

We’ll facilitate your final interview with the endorsed candidate, after which you’ll decide who you want for the role. We’ll then send your job offer.

Step 4

Orientation and ongoing support

We’ll thoroughly orient your new Workmate on their first day. Your Account Manager will then regularly check in and see if you need anything.

Hiring Made Easy

Build Remote Teams

Hire Remote Web Developer

Web developers benefit from creative challenges, job flexibility, high demand, competitive salaries, continuous learning, and shaping the online world's evolution.

Hire Remote APP Developer

App development offers innovation, high demand, career versatility, and potential for lucrative income, making it a rewarding and dynamic profession.

Hire Remote Designer

App and web designers create visually appealing digital experiences, enjoy creative freedom, high demand, and competitive earnings in dynamic industries.

Hire Remote Stars' 3-step process turns ideas into finished products swiftly with dedicated developers.


A Wide Range of Web Application Development Services

Ditch the DIY approach of typical freelancing platforms. We take care of the heavy lifting, including recruitment and payroll, so you can concentrate on your core business activities stress-free.​

Our process includes candidate recruitment, thorough screening, and top candidate recommendations. You retain the ultimate decision-making power to choose the perfect Workmate for your team.

Our Workmates can do a range of tasks, from general administrative ones to specialised functions, during any schedule you prefer.

We can cut your staffing expenses by up to 70%. Even one-person start-ups can afford high-performing Workmates.

We have extensive experience across diverse sectors: healthcare, e-commerce, legal, construction, accounting, real estate, IT, and more. Our expertise spans various industries to meet your unique needs.

For contracts lasting 3 months, a 24-hour notice is sufficient for cancellation. However, for contracts spanning 4 months or more, please provide a 2-week notice to initiate the termination process.

We offer monitoring tools: activity recording, real-time screenshots, and work visibility to track your staff effectively.

You can communicate with your Workmates via any platform you prefer, which is not included in your rate per hour.

Rescue your company’s growth!

Let us know about your business plans on an introductory call, and we’ll lead the matching process.